Medic Bag

Medic bag today probably has more importance than ever. Every day we face a physical danger to us and our closest family members, friends and people we meet on our every day jobs. Medic bag needs to be close to us in these times of high traffic, terrorist menace, high crime rates and other dangers in our neighborhood, city or other places where we need to be. The care for our safety is one of the highest priorities.

Medic bag is usually present in our cars in a form of small first aid kit. In our houses or work spaces we have some medic cabinet, but this can not be an adequate response to the modern threats we can face. That is the reason why we need to have more resources so we can handle the threats. We need a medic bag to store more medical supplies and to respond adequately to the everyday threats.

Medic bag is more than adequate help in many crash accidents. In one traffic accident there can be a multiple wounded persons. Sometimes the traffic jams can deny emergency units to arrive on time at the accident location. In the meantime it is very important for the casualties to be properly treated. Sometimes the small aid kits are not up to the job because of the simple fact they are too small and have only few items we can use. Or they simply can not be accessible by the nature of the accident or simply lost in the crash. That is the reason why we need to have as much medical supply as we can carry. Medic bag filled with a first aid supplies can do the job and be our response to the threats of the modern world.
Medic Bag
Medic Bag

Small medic bag usually have five or six times more space than the basic first aid kit and can contain five or six times more medical supplies than the first aid kit. Medium medic bag can be two or three times bigger than the small medic bag and accordingly can have more space than the small medic bag. Big or deluxe medic bag also can be found on the market, but in this article I would like to pay more attention to the small and medium medic bag, because my primary concern is an everyday Joe who face danger every time he walk away from the house.

It is most important, medical supplies in the medic bag to be carefully chosen and to be compatible with a threat which we can face at different places or during different activities. It is natural, medic bag in our car to have different medical supplies than medic bag in our boat or our house. Careful choice of the medic bag and medical supplies can be the difference between life and death or permanent physical damage.

Check out the medical emergency statistics in your area so you can get a clear picture with what kind of threats you may face in the future and what kind of medic bag and medic supplies you may need. Also you can ask for an advice from your home doctor or the local first aid respond unit. They will be more than happy to help you to choose your medic bag and to throw some advice about the medical supplies.

It will be great if you can buy new Medic bag with a spacious large compartment and dividers so you can organize your medical supplies and equipment. New medic bag can also have couple front and side pouches and instrument pockets. The medic bag pockets and pouches can be secured with zippers or elastic loops. New medic bags are made of rugged ballistic nylon and they are water resistant. New medic bag is usually designed for the convenient carry and also can be used as the carry bag or backpack because almost all new medic bag models on the market have shoulder strap and for additional safety a reflective tape or reflective add-on.

If you are on a tight budget, you can also find some vintage army surplus medic bag or combat medic bag. Usually army surplus medic bag or combat bag can be found cheaper than the modern new medic bag. Vintage army medic bag or combat medic bags are made of heavyweight cotton canvas. The army medic bag or combat medic bag can be found in olive drab, desert, woodland camouflage, black and many more colors.

Medic bag can also be made of natural or artificial leather, but they are made for more upscale market and usually are used by doctors for the home visits. The regular nylon made medic bag is handier for the everyday use. After all you need to have one in your car, home or boat. You do not need to make a fashion statement.